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Dualing for ‘Shelf’ Space

This is the latest video on the (presently) indie shooter Duality XF which, right now, is attempting to get an XBLA publishing deal so they aren’t shoved into the ghetto hell of XBLIG:

DUALITY ZF is a 1-4 player shmup, featuring dual play and g-mode, the ability to control two fighers at once.

DUALITY ZF is a Dream Build Play 2009 and 2010 finalist:
http://xona.com/2010/05/04c.html (#1 in Canada, #5 in the world)


1) DUALITY ZF — Duality ZF, the game.
2) BULLET HELL — More bullets, slower game.
3) HARDCORE — Quick-reflex, arcade experience. For true shmup fans.

4) SURVIVAL — 1 life, survive as long as possible.
5) SCORE RUSH — 3 minutes, infinite lives.
6) BOSS RUSH — Fight end bosses in sequence. Harder bosses.

Working with XBLA publishers as I type this. Coming to XBLA or XBLIG soon… hopefully XBLA.

Hopefully, since games have a habit of pulling an Amelia Earhart once they enter the airspace of the Island of Misfit Games, e.g. the XBLIG shop–good luck, guys! (Though they might wanna think about just going to PSN since MS is such a b*tch about their precious XBLA ‘shelf’ space being cluttered by ‘second-class’1 games they can keep in steerage.)

1 This refers to the fact that quality isn’t the overriding concern on XBLA but, rather, the closed nature of it which prevents games without big-time publishers from getting on the service at all, neutering the original intent of XBLA in the process.

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  1. 06/04/2010 at 23:59

    Arg! This game needs to drop already. It is taking far too damn long to come out.

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