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Abandoned Chocobo Finds Caring Home; Kindly Translator


Square-Enix may have kicked it to the curb, but the fan community has stepped in to rescue this particular bird from a life on the street, lost and unloved by gamers outside of Japan:

Here’s what’s being translated PROGRESS: 70% (aprox.)

  • Item Names: ALL items names are now translated. One thing, I now officially hate onomatopoeia. DONE
  • Item’s Short Description: These show when you highlight the item. Everything buy the Key Items done so far.
  • Item’s Full Description: These appear when you analyze an item. Barely started.
  • Jobs & Skills: The job skills names and descriptions. DONE
    Combat Log: Almost all done. Just missing a few entries here and there (missing 4 entries).
  • Enemy Names: Just like it reads, the names of all enemies. DONE
  • Enemy Skills: Now you can see what they do too! Pretty much done (see below)
  • Menus & System Dialogues: Pretty much every menu label is done (such as Item,
  • Ability, Key Items, etc.). Some system dialogues (or shopkeepers’ stuff) missing because I just can’t freaking find them. D=

Apparently he’s not translating the story but, really, you aren’t missing a whole lot by not understanding the window-dressing: it’s a roguelike, and all you need to know is go down, down, down until you can’t anymore, then wash, rinse, repeat, have a blast.

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