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Point. Click. Dab With Towel. (And Don’t Panic)


Those of you hailing from the Dark Ages1 of gaming might recall a little company known as Infocom, who’s primary claim to fame was text adventure games: stuff like Zork, Planetfall, Leather Goddesses of Phobos2, the sorts of things that would, should they ever be exposed to them, send modern gamers screaming for the exits since not only do they have no graphics (ZOMG!), but they also require–avert your eyes core gamers!–reading comprehension!

Anyway, one of their more (if not most) popular titles was the one based on that seminal work of comedic art, The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy3 by one Douglas Adams (R.I.P.), a book that is loved and lauded by virtually all geeks and nerds of any age, and with good reason.

The game wasn’t, of course, as good as the book–as with movies, the few times it’s been attempted, they never measure up–but it was still enjoyable and now it has, drum roll please, graphics:

You can grab this 100% complete remake right here and relive the glory days of Sierra-style graphic adventures all in one fell swoop. (Also be sure to leave a comment thanking the creators for bringing this classic gem into (cue echo) the future.)

1 That’d be the early-70s right up until the release of the NES in the mid-80s, a time before most of the people reading this blog were actually either a. cognizant of gaming or b. alive.
2 Tame by the standards of 2010 (and, hell, 1986) but still ground-breaking as a ‘mature’ game.
3 I still think Jeff Goldblum IS Ford Prefect, but Mos Def was solid in the role.

  1. Chi
    06/08/2010 at 23:59

    Holy crap!

    I always loved those text-based adventure games; especially Hitchhiker’s Guide! This is so cool.

    That said, I always thought Ford and Arthur would be bigger.

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