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Dead of Night Comedy


It can’t be any worse than Rafallos‘:

Pizza is bad…Supposedly varies from location to location as it is an LA chain but I recommend passing. Plenty of other better pizza places, even in the Hollywood area.

Why is this germane? Because I used to live an eighth of a mile from a Rafallo’s and the pizza was made by Mexicans (this is LA–we were deficient in Italians and Greeks, apparently) and was, quite literally, the worst pizza I’ve ever had in my entire life–even CHI would run screaming out of this place, and he’s not known for being, erm, discerning when it comes to food. (Quantity being a more important consideration than quality.)

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  1. 06/10/2010 at 02:14

    You can tell it’s terrible! They even drew the pizza with stink lines!

    My nemesis: pizza with “sweet” sauce. Gah! No, no, no! This is a dinner item… there’s no need to bring sugar into this. That can wait for dessert. Right now, I want things tangy and savory.

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