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Surprise! (no, not really): Nobody Is Much Interested in Natal


Or Move, for that matter:

Sony’s PlayStation Move and Xbox 360’s Project Natal motion control solutions have been garnering a lot of the spotlight from core gamers and the press, but a new study reflects currently low purchase intent for the new devices.

Research firm OTX’s U.S. tracking study GamePlan Insights polled a group of 2,000 gamers between May 23 and June 5, 2010, and found that 8 percent of the Xbox 360 market intends to buy Natal, and 6 percent of the PlayStation 3 market intends to purchase Move.

Of the people that are already planning on buying Natal and Move, 25 percent plan to preorder the controllers.

The low purchase intent figures reflect the current lack of information about compatible games for the devices. Microsoft and Sony are expected to reveal more motion-compatible games at next week’s E3 event in L.A., where the controllers will be a central attraction, after which purchase intent may rise.

I imagine nobody is at all surprised by this1: these devices are going on machines that are infested with a particular type of gamer that is antithetical to an experience that has ‘cost them’ this battle–and perhaps the war–for the hearts and minds of consumers everywhere and can only, ultimately, result in less of the games they want to play being made.2

I do like the nice ray of light placed in that final paragraph (“after which purchase intent may rise”), though, because where PS360 are concerned there is always hope but with Wii there is never anything more than derision and gloom, with the big N just inches from sliding over the precipice into…the waiting arms of approaching 100 million people. The failures.

Also: don’t go into thinking that the dread ‘casuals’ are going to save these devices from obscurity because a little thing called barrier of entry (read: cost) is really going to throw a wrench into that particular, desperate, dream.

1 Oh I’m sure some fanboys are but, deep down inside, they knew this was coming. More importantly, it’ll be real interesting to see how Sony and MS, eventually, spin their respective failures.
2 Thank God: more quality, less quantity, please.

  1. 06/10/2010 at 18:19

    Natal, will I buy it? Not-at-all…. get it?

    • ECM
      06/10/2010 at 18:20

      Yes, but I’ve been drinking heavily today and my judgment isn’t what it once was.

  2. 06/11/2010 at 16:47

    lol. Color me not interested, unless my company decides to make a game for it. And if they do they’d better provide me with one!

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