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WTTW: Midget-Beating for Fun and Profit


OK, not exactly midgets and there won’t be any profit to be had, but they are gnomes and the only good gnome is a dead gnome, or so that appears to be the case in Larry and the Gnomes, where the eponymous1 Larry embarks on a side-scrolling, ass-beating, adventure against an army of emerald-clad interlopers bent on destroying the kingdom of Karryon. (Har.)

It’s actually pretty bloody fun2 as Larry extracts vengeance the only way he knows how: via two-fisted justice, with the occasional sword or other implement of gnomish-eradication to aid in the blood-letting. Plus, it has little buddy on little buddy violence which, in some circles, is almost an illegal amount of entertainment, so enjoy!

1 Greek for: your name is on it.
2 Bloody mainly because the gnomes erupt into a pretty ghastly mess as Larry wades through wave after wave of the irate little buggers.

  1. Chi
    06/10/2010 at 13:22

    If you mean THIS circle, then yes, it’s nigh illegal to be this great!

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