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Behold! The Future!

Where games know what you’re going to do before you do:

Pay very close attention at 9 seconds onward…

Really MS?? Really?! You had a guy act out your hot new thing w/ dummied-up video and (very poor) miming of what’s happening on-screen?! Welcome to a new low in the annals of gaming, folks–I guess we can finally stop harharing at Nintendo’s and Sony’s, respective, N64 and PS2 claims as a new whipping boy has come to town.

Also: should I hold my breath waiting for the gaming media to excoriate 1 MS over this? Or will that just result in a blue face and a cracked skull?2

1 Latin for: stripping their skin off while they yet live!
2 And when I say “excoriate”, I do not mean pointing out that this was a staged event but actually ripping into them for willfully LYING to everyone that’s seen this video, i.e. protecting their readers’ interests and serving as an object lesson as to how not to treat your potential customers in the future. (I’ve already seen gaming sites making excuses for them by saying “oh sure it was clearly staged but isn’t for ‘us’, it was for those filthy casuals so it’s OK to lie”…yeah, way to take them to task, game journos! You are a credit to your laughable moniker!)


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