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And Now It’s Sony’s Turn to Prove That They’re Not Serious


Move pricing will move you…to the exit:

Enough about that, how much!? The Move controller on its own will set you back $49.99 USD, while the Nunchuk– sorry, Navigation Controller – will cost $29.99 USD each. Sony will be releasing PlayStation Move bundles that will consist of a Move controller and Eye camera (which is required).

$99.99 USD gets you the Sports Championship game plus Move bundle, while $399.99 USD will let you have a PlayStation 3 console, Sports Championship and the Move bundle. Games will remain at the retail price of $39.99.

The bundle does not come with with the Navigation Controller. Let me repeat that so it’s painfully clear: The bundle does not come with the Navigation Controller. But it does come w/ the EyeToy. And the requisite WiiSports knock-off.

So why does this matter? Because it’s going to dilute an already split userbase, ensuring that there is never a critical mass reached in terms of users for the trio of devices (Move+EyeToy+Nav), thus eroding any potential software support going forward because devs can never be sure what combo of devices the end-user has access to: Move+Eyetoy-Nav; Move+Nav-EyeToy; Move-EyeToy-Nav; Move+EyeToy+Nav; Etc. (I do not envy Sony’s 3rd party relations department with a sale’s pitch like this.)

Also: the price is, like Kinect, ridiculous. $400 for the types of people that they’re trying to sway from purchasing a Wii at half the price is marketing suicide–essentially, like Kinect, Move is DOA.

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