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WTTW: Heir to the Colossus


Armor Games seems to crank out new web games every 20 minutes which makes for a lot of dreck but, in this case, they’ve come close to gaming gold w/ a 2D take on Sony’s Shadow of the Colossus entitled Heir.

Yes, the controls are super-floaty (kb-only, doncha know), but the frame rate isrock-solid, unlike its inspiration and it’s still pretty fun, though this will prove much, much more difficult than yesterday’s walk in the mushroom patch.

  1. Chi
    06/15/2010 at 14:21

    I wonder how much those big guys can bench press.

    • ECM
      06/15/2010 at 15:14

      About as much as CHI on a bad day, but they’d never be able to keep up on a good day.

  1. 06/15/2010 at 16:04

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