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Around the Sidebar in 120 Seconds


  • Japan: home to the ugliest children ‘alive’, courtesy Taro1.
  • Shaggy@Arcade Heroes is back in form this week with lots of arcade-related chicanery and a new podcast.
  • Τυχερός Cat takes a blackjack to Sony’s skull with some scathing, mini-commentary.
  • Jack tells it like it is.
  • KoG caps off Skies of Arcadia then moves into a semi-verbose rant about graphics. (And FYI: I’ve played–and enjoyed!–some proto shooters with nothing but Xs and Os!)
  • In some sort of Internet funhouse-cum-universe-collapsing event, P2P links to me and I link back to him and he links to me and I link back to him and…BOOM.
  • The Nerd links to a take on the Natal’s prospects for success, but none of it matters because the target audience won’t shell out the mad cash for this sort of experience, period.
  • The Wanderer says something about E3 but, alas, I caught sight of the second post down the page and all I can think about now is a nice pina colada straight from the coconut(s).
  • Fei keeps updating, if only to appease those to which he has vowed obeisance2, with a weird/neat little ditty on a show most you probably don’t watch/don’t know exists.
  • Sidebar newcomer, Ultimate Zig Works, reviews one of the most underrated (and maligned) shooters of recent history: Thunder Force VI. (For the record, I 100% agree w/his take.)
  • And the Knight, taking some time off in a faraway land, still finds time to post about the imminent demise of the male sex, via The Atlantic.

1 Which isn’t to say these are what Taro’s offspring would look like, of course, for his would be a mighty race of mighty hybrid canuck/nihongin, bent on world domination via really, really weird posts.
2 French for: kneel before ECM!

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  1. kog3100_edw
    06/16/2010 at 18:58

    Re: Graphic X and O games- yeah, I’ve played a number of games like that or that were barely more sophisticated. And some are good. It isn’t like I said there are NO good games with simplistic graphics. Just that the visuals DO matter to our enjoyment of games generally speaking. Even if crude, visuals that are appropriate to the game can be pretty awesome. As big a sprite-game goober as I am, MOST games I really like would be relegated to crude by a lot of players today.

    I was trying to make the point about choices and execution on the part of the developer I think. NOT that visuals needed to be cutting edge or always designed by the hippest artists. Maybe amongst the hyperbole, the point was lost.

    But ugly is ugly. I don’t think games require Alex Ross level graphics, but a game has a shitload of lost ground to make up if the visuals are an eyesore. You’ll have a hard time convincing me ECM that graphics have NEVER swayed what you thought of a game. I believe they ALWAYS do, even if one doesn’t realise it consciously. This is a primarily visual medium, the importance is inevitable just as it is in cinema.

  1. 06/17/2010 at 02:07

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