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I Suppose That’s One Way to Fix RROD


A truly novel method of dealing with the problem:

Microsoft has revealed that its new smaller model of Xbox 360 – dubbed the ‘S’ – will never present the Red Ring of Death to gamers. This is because the red LEDs that used to surround the power button have been removed.

So, it can still break then. Rather than the RROD, Microsoft has told IGN that it has opted for an as-yet unspecified “messaging system” to detail any faults to the owner.

“Now obviously, the box has a way to communicate to you if something has happened but yes, three red lights are not part of our sequence of telling somebody something is wrong,” said Microsoft Game Studios’ corporate VP Phil Spencer.

Yes, obviously: something like a giant flashing image of a middle finger, perhaps?

(Which is basically what anyone that buys into this new 360 without waiting 6-12 months after the fiasco of the last 4 years, deserves at this point.)

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  1. Anon.
    06/17/2010 at 21:29

    oh man, i almost cried of laughing so mux xD

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