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And That’s the Day, The Kinect, Died…


Microsoft’s official online store lists the Activator Kinect for $150 thus, once again, highlighting that MS’ PR/execs/product dev staff are completely incompetent, and now they have a device that nobody is going to buy for a price that puts it within spitting-distance of a complete Wii bundle.

Let me repeat that last, very important, bit: the price for this is within spitting distance of a complete Wii system w/ game. Does anyone else not see the magnitude of this problem purely as a value proposition1? I mean, besides Microsoft who have sent Kinect out onto the battlefield. Naked. Miming an M16 and yelling ‘rat-a-tat-tat’, to die an ignominious2 death at the hands of a 5-year-old ‘waggling’ a Wiimote.

I pray that this is some sort of cock-up on their part, but since every retailer on earth is already pinning it at $150, well, would the last person in the room please clap to put out the lights on Microsoft’s insane foray into virtual Charades?3

1 Something that not only Microsoft, but core gamers still don’t get: it’s a really lousy value when you also need a $2-300 360 on top of the price of the Kinect.
2 Word-A-Day for: bent-over, prison style.
3 At least it could, potentially, double as a Clapper.

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