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Zelda: An Auracle Assault


Here’s an interesting tribute album of Zelda: Oracle of Ages tunes:

Essence of Lime is a remix album covering the soundtrack to The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Ages. The project was originally a one-man endeavor that evolved into a community project. Having been introduced to the Zelda series through Oracle of Ages, I noticed the lack of Oracle remixes and decided to take on a solo remix project in early 2008. I planned to remix Oracle of Ages’ entire soundtrack by myself, assuming there would not be enough interest to organize a full-fledged project. After receiving several unexpected offers to help out, I opened the project as an unofficial community album with headquarters at OverClocked ReMix. I am deeply grateful to everyone who helped me tackle the project despite its unofficial status; this would have never been finished without them.

With 42 tracks by 17 remixers, the album contains over two hours of music. Seasons fans, you’ll have to forgive the fact that tracks from Oracle of Seasons have only been included if they appeared in both Oracles. I hope you’ll be satisfied to hear that we haven’t forgotten Seasons, and we have some exciting things planned for it in the future. For now, I present a complete album for Oracle of Ages. Enjoy it, or else.

It’s pretty cool and you can pull them down via these links:

Full Soundtrack (MP3)
Full Soundtrack (FLAC)

Thanks to Zero for the tip.

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