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The Stuff of Which PSP2 Nightmares Are Made


Nintendo’s been running the Disruption 101 and Blue Ocean playbooks since the introduction of the DS, and now that they’ve completely devoured the low-end, they’re going to be reaching out with a white-gloved, hammer-wielding, hand for the core gamer:

The Nintendo executive suggested in the interview that the DS primarily attracts consumers who don’t play games that often, but hopes that the 3DS’ graphical capabilities and gameplay will appeal more to the core demographic. Its line-up at E3 and the announcement of classic Nintendo 64 remakes would seem to support that aim.

In order to “expand into elaborate games targeting serious gamers,” Iwata says that he intends to work more closely with developers, and that third party support is of utmost importance to the platform. The 3DS was, apparently, created with external developers’ requests in mind.

I would not want to be Kaz Hirai (or a Sony shareholder1) today, tomorrow, or any time in the next five years. (And don’t think MS is going to get off easy: the Wii2 will trod the same path as the 3DS just like its forebear followed the path the DS blazed.)

1 Though there is a massive list of reasons why you wouldn’t want to be one of those already.

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