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Pardon the Interruption

Gerald Shinn of Chicago Illinois is FUCKING INSANE

To your continued, no update, blog (I’m feeding web spiders–mind your feet):

Gerald Shinn, of Chicago, Illinois gives Ron Paul fans and future history teachers a bad name:

“Ok Bitch, I’m dropping you, I hope someone breaks into your house and kills you, Rob, and that little runt of yours and says that they thought you’d (sic) be a threat to you someday.”

This is the level of discourse that is comfortable for Gerald Shinn of Chicago Illinois and future history teacher, when disagreeing with someone over politics.

(Just so we’re entirely clear; this man is wishing *death* upon a man, a woman, and their *5-year-old* daughter.)

Feel free to share this along so others don’t make the grave error of friending Gerald Shinn of Chicago Illinois, future history teacher. Also feel free to reprint this at your leisure all around the web so those friendly spiders from Google, Bing, etc., get the message, too.

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