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A 3DS Revelation

06/22/2010 2 comments

And Inafune pimps:

Drawn Out of Hiding

06/17/2010 5 comments

Finally, some new video on the sequel to the all-but-ignored (twice!), Okami: It’s bad enough everyone ignored its big brother (twice!) on PS2 and Wii, so don’t let the same thing happen to the pup again! Please!

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It’s Almost Like 3rd Parties are Taking a Nintendo Machine Seriously

06/15/2010 1 comment






Next up:dogs and cats living together. News at 11!

More here.

(Note: no doubt most (all?) of these are pure mock-ups, i.e. not actually representative of anything from an actual game.)

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Music From and Inspired by Megaman

06/12/2010 Leave a comment

OK, not so much from, but definitely inspired by:

This YouTube poster, blkjock81, has a whole games-worth of these up, so go get a headful on this lazy, post-carpentering1, pre-Monster Hunter Tri, Saturday evening.

(And no, Fei, just because I’m saying nice things about these particular NES-inspired chiptunes, that does not free you to go running back to its warm embrace!)

1 Which worked out to be a moderate success, despite the sad lack of Hammer pants.

WTTW: Final Fight Seriously Confused Edition

06/07/2010 5 comments

There's something different about it, but I can't quite put my fist on it...

Who doesn’t love Final Fight? I know I do, having owned (or own) pretty much every iteration of the game, ever, including the arcade PCB. But now, someone in Japan has decided that every previous version of Final Fight was missing something. That je ne sais quoi1 that would have made it a true classic. What’s that, you ask? Well, you’ll just have to play and find out, won’t you, 傢伙?

1 French for: secret sauce.

Pocket Fighter…Pocket?

05/24/2010 Leave a comment

Now with more lint

Yep, a browser-based1 take on Pocket Fighter, the super-fun, super-deformed, Capcom fighting game.

Now there have been some simplifications and shortcuts taken to account for the lack of lack of a gamepad, and there’s only six fighters (6 more to come–this is only version 0.6), but Ken is amongst them, so I’m pretty much covered. (The only real downside is a lack of online play but let’s be honest: you’re going to play this for 90 seconds and never look at it again, so who cares, amirite?)

1 You can even embed it on your site, which is quite nice.

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Dear Capcom: Nice Try, Bastards

05/24/2010 Leave a comment

We hate the consumer. (Just not as much as EA…yet.)

The anti-used jihad1 is really starting to get on my nerves, so it feels good to see Capcom get the Heisman so quickly on this one:

You get the “Running Through 6” bronze trophy when six months have passed after you’ve started play.

Some have apparently found a technique to cheat the trophy (or, based off the terminology, the equivalent Achievement):

1. Before starting the game, remove the LAN cable and set the clock seven months back.
2. Create save data file.
3. Return to the dash board, connect your LAN cable, and connect to Live.
4. Start up the game and load up the save file.

Apparently it wasn’t enough that you ‘accidentally’ forgot to mention the DRM in PS3 Final Fight, but now you’ve taken to silly, roundabout, ways to try to short-circuit a legitimate consumer practice that’s been valid for every other product on the face of the Earth, since time immemorial2 (short nuclear missiles and black market babies3)–keep this sh*t up and I’ll ‘accidentally’ stop buying your games.

Note to other pubs: if you’re going to play this particular game, at least be honest about it rather than hiding it in Achievements/Trophies or just forgetting to mention it altogether (per Final Fight)–it sews distrust amongst your fanbase and, at the end of the day, you live and die by a consumer’s confidence in your product, a confidence you undermine every time you engage in stupid sh*t like this.

AND before anyone starts screaming about the triviality of this: that’s how it always starts and then it’s down the slippery slope we go, keep your arms, legs and firstborn children inside the vehicle at all times lest a game company exec attempt to ‘relieve’ you of one of them.

1 I don’t buy used games–ever–but I’m getting a little tired of this act.
2 English & French Norman for: a long f*cking time.
3 Both of which have a tendency to go off at the wrong times.

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