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Traffic Must Really, Really Be Down at the Big Gaming Sites

IGN: We’re so desperate for traffic we’ll post literally anything

First we get clubbed over the head with cement-filled sacks of burlap, and now I present to you news that isn’t actually news via Gary the Gnu IGN:

Nintendo of America Comments on Wii Party1

May 7, 2010 – Earlier today Nintendo Co. LTD (the Japanese parent company) revealed Wii Party, a multiplayer focused Wii title set for release in Japan later this year. We contacted Nintendo of America for possible details on a US release.

Direct from representatives at NOA: “We’re not making any further announcements other than what NCL announced in Japan.”

Expect further details at this year’s Electronic Entertainment Expo. E3 2010, the huge three day gaming industry event, runs the week of June 14th at the Los Angeles Convention Center.

So the “news” is that there isn’t any (or, rather, that Nintendo’s “comment” is “no comment”)–thank God those guys at IGN are on top of their sh*t, keeping us abreast of non-breaking events like this!2 Next up at IGN: we didn’t play Little Big Planet 2 but Sony assures us it’s awesome so let’s really talk it up! (Oh, wait…)

The killer is that Craig Harris has, generally, been the only thing worth reading IGN for in about, oh, a decade3, so this is just doubly-idiotic and takes the dude down several dozen pegs in my book, but the good news is IGN itself has been a laughing-stock for so long that it doesn’t even really matter.

1 No, really, that’s the headline for this, alleged, news post.
2 Meanwhile, in breaking news exclusive to this footnote, I am not having a roast beef sandwich today–stay tuned for more on this hot turkey sandwich non-story as it occurs!
3 Which will be the span of time that passes before I read IGN again.

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